Dubai International Film Festival – Al Intithar

Al Intithar – The Waiting” nella sezione Arabian Nights del 10° Dubai International Film Festival.

Directed by: Mario RIZZI
Produced by: Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates & Mario Rizzi, Italy
Director’s Assistant: Abed El Majeed EL NAIMI
Camera: Mario RIZZI
Montage: Adriano MESTICHELLA & Mario RIZZI
Color Grading: Matthias BEHRENS
Sound Designer: Gianluca STAZI
Main female character: Ekhlas ALHLWANI

THE WAITING is the first of a trilogy of films, which explore the social repercussions of post-colonialism on countries. It was filmed during a seven-week stay in Camp Zaatari, the Syrian refugee camp in the Jordanian desert, and focuses on the simple and unrelenting life of a few Syrian women. Mario Rizzi’s trilogy looks at how a revolutionary event can be triggered by the unfolding of everyday events.

Al Intithar Mario Rizzi



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