Kazın Ayağı Öyle Değil

“Kazın Ayağı Öyle Değil” is a Turkish idiomatic expression meaning “Actually, that’s not the case”

The theater performance Kazın Ayağı Öyle Değil [Actually, that’s not the case], is written and performed for the production of the video work Kazın Ayağı [The Goose’s Foot].

The screenplay is structured around a new Karagöz shadow theater script, which draws on different performative languages. The original script was adapted to the conventions of a traditional Karagöz play, working closely with master puppeteer, Emin Şenyer. It is inspired by the histories and memories of displaced people living in specific İstanbul neighborhoods that are experiencing top-down urban transformation – namely, Ayvansaray, Balat, Fener and Tarlabaşı.

Forty puppets – made of camel or calf leather and natural dyes-, four screens – mixing embroidery, wood and leather – and the stage – made of wood, metal and fabric – were handmade from original drawings inspired by the content of this play.

a film by Mario Rizzi
cameras: Üzeyir Yanar & Mario Rizzi
editing: Adriano Mestichella
sound: Selçuk Artut & Gianluca Stazi

The translations from English and Turkish were made by İz Öztat. Together with the puppeteer Emin Şenyer and his son Mehmet Emir, the actresses Yasemin Karadağ and Hatice Eren, Hip Hop artist Yener Çevik and bağlama musician Ümit Uçar perform throughout the play.


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