EKOFILM is the International Film Festival about the Environment and our Natural and Cultural Heritage. It brings the latest information about the state of nature and the environment in various countries of the world and in many instances even facts about the resolution of particular situations to a wide audience.


The Well – Water Voices from Ethiopia

Film Screening:

Friday, 9:15 AM: Městské divadlo Český Krumlov – zkušebna – Horní Brána 2, Český Krumlov, 381 01

Each year, when the dry season arrives in Oromia (Ethiopia), the Borana herders gather with their livestock, around their ancient “singing” wells. With a sensitive approach and an evocative photography, the film follows their life during a whole drought, showing a unique water management system that permits to manage the little available water as the property and right of everyone.

Directed by: Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi
Script: Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi, Mario Michelini
Photography: Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi
Editing: Andrea CIacci, Federico Schiavi
Color correction and titles: Gabriele Gianni
Sound editing: Gianluca Stazi
Music: Uakti
Producer: Riccardo Russo, Paolo Barberi
Length of film: 55 min.
Year: 2011
Festival version: Czech commentary
Country of origin: Italy

WWW: www.thewell.it

WWW: www.ekofilm.cz


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