Going to sleep is something absolutely certain in life

“Going to sleep is something absolutely certain in life” is a sound montage over a single sequence shot three months after hurricane Katrina. The originally silent sequence shot is taken from a car recorded in Biloxi, Mississippi.The intent is to re-create the scene of a movie whose narration — suspended inside a no-start, no-end fragment– feeds itself with documentary elements manipulated in the editing room.The dialogs were created using snippets of an interview with an insurance broker whose job was to document the damages to his customers’ houses in combination with sentences generated by the Pzizz software. Pzizz caters to deep relaxation and sleep through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. The soundscape was created in postproduction.

directed by Paolo Pennuti
photography: Paolo Pennuti
screenplay and editing: Lorenzo Pazzi, Paolo Pennuti
sound: Gianluca Stazi


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